Joining two subds - best practice

Hello Rhino community!

I’ve been toying around with this for a while but haven’t figured out a good solution so far. Basically I have two subds that I want to join together. I’m using this geometry to create “3d truchet tiles”. Should I manually open up the subds and do a bridge or is there a better way?

Appreciate answers!

The quick solution would be to create just the axis of the objects and then use multipipe.

Of course you can also delete some faces and stitch everything together manually but I find this takes quite some practise…

Thanks for the reply @martinsiegrist! I think I’ll have to stick to manual stitching to make this work the way I want. Is there a way I can create a edge loop from intersecting geometry? I basically have two subds that are intersecting. If I could create a edge loop from this intersection, or something close to it, the stitching shouldnt be too hard. See images for ref:

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