SubD - Join disconnected edge loop

Apologies if this has already been asked, but I can’t seem to find a topic that addresses it.

I have an object that has what ‘should’ be an edge loop, but the two sections are not joined. If I split the model here, and try to Stitch or otherwise rejoin, it returns to a disconnected state. Not sure why - what I wanted is one pure edge loop with good topology. Is there no way to join these ‘disconnected’ vertices?

Please see two sreenshots attached - can’t currently share the model.

it doesn’t work as a loop because of the 2 edges on the left. That’s why triangles are not good for Sub-d modeling. pretty much the same as polygon modeling

As a good rule of thumb, if you have 2 star points close to one another they should have at least 2 regular quads between them. Also as stated in the above comment, you should avoid any triangles if possible.

Thank you. I have rebuilt it and am still running up against problems - here I see that as soon as you get more than 1 loop in each direction crossing, things get weird.

yep, edge loops end at star points (more than 4 edges converging at a vertex)


I believe you need at least 2 sub divisions between 2 star points. Try inserting 2 edges between the two highlighted edges and see what you get.