Joining mesh edges together

Hi there! I am working on making a topographical map ring, and the edges of the topography don’t line up. Is there a way to join these edges? Thanks!

You can turn on points and do it manually. Or join them and add the mesh faces one by one, or fill holdes, or make a new mesh with mesh patch. If you can post an image of the problem or even post the file then tat will help.
Ah, image in edit. I see. What you have to do is fix the “hole” in both ends so it is a propper hole, and not a complete split, and then use fill mesh hole.

Hi Holo! I just posted a photo- screen shot, because the file was too big to upload. Thanks!

Ok, I edited the reply.
Does it have to be a “water tight mesh”? If not then you can also overlap the intersection to get a natural looking flow. Just bend in the edges and you can get a result like this:

From something like this:

Hi Holo! Thanks for the tips! I am working on a topographical map ring that I plan to print and cast, so yes it needs to be water tight. But I am really new at this and I had forgotten about control points- so that will work I think ! Thanks!