Join 2 meshes not perfectly fitting

Hello guys !

I don’t know much about meshes in Rhino, and what I’m trying to do here is to merge 2 meshes which are not perfectly, perfectly aligned (there are couple gaps). Is it possible to join them into a single mesh (polysurface) that I could further use to send at CNC. (The CNC I’m using require a valide polysurface for the topography). Any plugin / script (even grasshopper one’s) that could save me the manual fixing (which I don’t even know I will succeed at).

Merge_meshes.3dm (5.9 MB)

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi CC- I’d try MatchMeshEdge - but as a 'pre-process you might turn on points and simply snap (drag, Point OSnap) some vertices across the gap. Then MatchMeshEdge you will doubtless need to adjust the distance it adjusts - that is pretty small by default and there are some big gaps here, depending on the scale.


Well a mesh is not a polysurface, so if your CAM doesn’t accept meshes you will need to do something different.

If a mesh will work, as Pascal said, if you have small gaps you can try do some manual editing and/or and match edges with MatchMeshEdge; you can also always add some faces to fill the major holes with _3DFace.

If a mesh won’t work, my suggestion (as has been posted elsewhere here in similar topics) is to Drape a NURBS surface (or a series of surfaces) over the mesh and use that.