Joining complex mesh

Hi there!
I am still really new to Rhino, so I am sorry if this question seems really basic.
I am trying to map topography onto jewelry, and I have had a lot of luck, but this time I am unsure of how to connect the basic ring shape and the topography. I was able to split the mesh but there are lots of holes, and I am not sure how to connect it all in order to make a water tight model. Thanks!Topo Square (571.5 KB)

Hi Courtney- that mesh is a bit of a mess- (Check command). You can spend some time cleaning up, and then DupBorder and see if you can split the ring mesh with that curve (SplitMeshWithCurve). Or, you could make a new Patch using the mesh as input- maybe 60 by 60 or more spans, and then use then to generate a clean new mesh with the Mesh command. It is a couple of steps removed, of course, from the original but maybe good enough? I’ll attach the mesh that I get. It is over sized because Patch makes extra surface around the input.

NewMeshFromPatch.3dm (1.0 MB)


Thanks Pascal,
I didn’t have time to look at it today but I wonder if you have any suggestions for tutorials for this kind of thing? I did the intro Rhino course on Lynda but beyond that I am having a hard time with finding info. Thanks!

Hi Courtney - nothing very specific to your problem comes to mind but looking through the Help file on all the mesh related commands (the Mesh menu > Mesh edit tools, Mesh repair tools, might be useful in dealing with nasty meshes than need cleanup.