Naked edges with complex mesh flowed on surface

Hi there! I have this topographic mesh that I flowed along a surface and then created solids at the edges to contain the mesh. It doesn’t work because there are still so many naked edges. I tried creating mesh solids and boolean unioning the mesh shapes together, and I tried a solid that contained the topographic mesh and using mesh split to split the solid and then join it together. Nothing seems to work, so obviously I am doing something wrong. Thanks in advance! Courtney (4.9 MB)

Hi Courtney- according to the Check command, the mesh has over 66,000 self intersections. I guess I’d start with the flat mesh and see if it is clean and fix it if not.’’


Hi Pascal!
I did check it before I flowed it. What happened was I then created mesh rails on the sides and ends and overlapped them, which is why there are intersecting faces. I thought I would be able to use mesh split and then cut off the parts that were split and join them, but that didn’t work. I joined them but obviously that didn’t work either .

By the way, is there a possibility to match the “highfield from image” command on curved surfaces? This could solve Coutneys problem by doing the whole thing within Rhino.

Hi Pascal! I checked my flat topo surface- no intersecting faces, it must happen when it gets flowed along the surface. I tried scaling it back 50% in the z direction but I still have intersecting faces. Is there any way around this that you know of? I have tried mapping it on both mesh and polysurfaces, using mesh split and then I end up with a heck of a lot of naked edges when I delete the split surface. I am willing to clean things up but 15000 naked edges seems excessive- there must be a better way.
Also Toby, I am not sure what you mean? I tried searching that command but can’t find it! Thanks!

Hi Countney, I’m not familiar with Bump- or Displacement in Rhino, but I tried to rebuild your situation. I found the “highfield from image” command, which creates a surface with high and lows as your canyon does, but as polysurface not as mesh which could be easier to process further . The Problem is that I’m unable to do this on a curved surface, or match this highfield surface in a given curvature.

I’m allso interested in a solution to do those things within Rhino :slight_smile: (2.1 MB)

Thanks Toby! I have been working on this ALL WEEKEND! I know there has to be a way to do it.
I am at this point- I tried another approach- I started with the mesh flat, created a curve with a mesh box extruded inside the mesh and intersected it, then used the curve to extrude a side to the topo= then created a bottom surface, joined it all together, which I can then flow along a surface, but I have so many naked edges and I don’t know how to fix that. I have tried highlighting naked edges and deleting points, but that doesn’t seem to decrease the number of naked edges, I also tried welding. I don’t know if you have any suggestions but I need a breakthrough soon!
Courtneyflat (2.0 MB)

Hi Courtney, as said I’m not really into meshes in Rhino :frowning:

I’ve found a command which can help to apply the embossment to a curved surface: Its “Splop”:

Its a bit tricky to apply it proper, but it could be done :wink:

after some scaling, trimming and so on:

PS: Sorry for misspelling the first command, it is “hightfield from image” not “highfield from image”

Thanks Toby! I will try it!