Need help to connect surfaces or edit naked edges

Hi all,
I’ve created the outside surfaces of a ring I’m designing with various different elements and now I’m having trouble connecting them together so that I can form a closed surface or solid to get printed. I have connected the majority together through join or boolean union but now I’m stuck with the last couple of connections. I am also looking to remove some internal surfaces left over from the initial shapes I made and I can’t work out how to remove them, perhaps because I can’t close the polysurface they’re part of? Any help would be most appreciated, it’s a present and it’s somewhat overdue… :frowning:
StephenPush Present Draft.3dm (5.0 MB)

Hello - that outer bit at the bottom is looking for a naked edge to join to but your base ring shape is closed there - you need to extract the outer surface of the ring, join those new outer pieces to the edges that are freed up there, and then split that original outer surface so it fits into the remaining part.

You can lose the cyan parts - these are contained by the added outer surfaces - and just keep the red parts to join in.


Pascal, you’re a champion for getting back to me so quickly with such a clear answer!
I’ve given up for the evening here (1am) so I’ll put that in practice tomorrow and let you know if I manage it. Thanks again!

Thanks again Pascal, I’ve managed to fix almost all of it with your workflow, splitting everything, discarding the waste and re-joining. Awesome, thank you!

Almost all there I’m just stuck with one teeny tiny little naked edge that I can’t even see what it’s connected to when I zoom into it. I’ve looked at other techniques to cut away bad area but this seems difficult given the location. Do you have a suggestion?

StephenPush Present Draft.3dm (5.2 MB)

Hi Stephen - the magic command is RemoveAllNakedMicroloops


That indeed is magical - I have a closed polysurface!
Thanks again for your help on this one, can’t say I was that hopeful of a solution given my past dealings with other forums on other software but this has been a stellar experience and very excited to keep building and learning with Rhino!