Rhino mesh split

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to split a mesh with a closed curve (on plan view), for some reason it doesn’t let itMeshsplit.3dm (177.1 KB) happen. May I ask if there is any other way to split the mesh please? Thank you!

Our mesh tools are embarrassingly bad. It’s an area of focus for v7, and I’m hoping this improves.

you may have better luck with using a plane or surface as a splitting object, and may have luck with mesh booleans.

It’s super dependent on how clean your mesh that needs to be split is.

can you post the bits you are trying to split? I’d like to test them in v7… if you can’t post them, please download v7 and try it there, and please let us know how it goes.

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Thank you Kyle, I tried to use MeshtoNurb and it is working well with polysurface now. Meshsplit.3dm (177.1 KB) here is the attachement in case you couldn’t download from the previous message.

worked great in v7 with a surface as an input and the mesh split used-

fwiw this mesh is super messy and has a lot of internal issues… if you explode it and run showedges you’ll see pink everywhere. typically fixing that helps a lot, but v7 actually accepted it as is… But would only split with a surface, not a curve.

in a case like this drape may actually yield a decent nurbs result.- I personally hate the mesh to nurbs command because it just makes every triangle into a planar nurbs surface and can lead to nightmares from a file size and fidelity perspective.

Meshsplit_kfix.3dm (152.7 KB)

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Thank you very much! I’ll try fix it first or get a version 7