Join meshes


I have a problem with join meshes. In grasshopper I’m using the Pufferfish Offset Mesh component to give thickness to different joined meshes. The geometry seems to work in gh

but as soon as I upload on ShapeDiver the extrusion is on the opposite direction and the geometry is not clean.

What I’m doing wrong?

Try unifying normals with the native UnifyNormals component before the Offset Mesh and let me know if it solved the problem.

Offsetting joined meshes worked for me just fine.

Thanks @pavol

with UnifyNormals the meshes are clean now ! and overall is much better now, but the extrusion direction is still the opposite though…

Joining meshes to large complicated objects always brings some challenges further down the line. Use Mesh Flip after UnifyNormals to reverse the direction. If in doubt, simply bake the mesh to Rhino and use Dir command to see the directions.