Joining surfaces after a group patch, edges not matching up

Hi everyone,

Relatively new to grasshopper and having some issues with joining multiple surfaces together after taking a wire frame form I created and patching it into multiple bubbled out kind of shape. It seems like the patch slightly deformed the curves that made up the surface so that they don’t line up anymore and that prevents them from joining. I’ve been trying to get around it by scaling the forms down, and lofting the outline of those forms with the original curves, but this only lofts the first set on the list. Any ideas on how to deal with this and join these multiple surfaces into a single surface?

Thanks in advance! (39.0 KB)

use fragment patch instead for patching polylines…

however it seems using patch isn’t essential for what you’re after?

check attached: (69.5 KB)

additionally you might want to separate (dispatch) 3-sided polylines from the rest (4+ sides) so you can leave them without extruding, to avoid tiny protrusions, unless you’re happy with them:


Thanks, this is an interesting solution, I haven’t used the weaverbird plug-in before so I’m going to download and play around with it a bit. It seems like that’s close to what I’m looking to do, I just have to figure out a way to soften the points on each of those mounds.

You’re fine, I was extruding to the point you were moving outwards from each patch just to illustrate the logic - yeah weaverbird is because I am lazy and smooth meshes look good by default :yum:

Just move your scaled polylines with the same vector of the points, turn them into fragment patches too, loft them (option straight) to the original fragment patches, then brep join all (fragment patches and lofts) then mesh that and be lazy with wb

try with kangaroo but it is very slow

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Join_Surfaces_Problem (3).gh (78.1 KB)

kangaroo is a nice option, as pointed out by @anon39580149 if you want pressure-driven mounds

If not then you can stick to what you had (you almost had it!) with a couple of tweaks: