Mesh offset WB

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to thicken meshes but for some reason some places it doesn’t close.

And also some places meshes are thicken in opposite direction.

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Here is the file MeshOffset.3dm (166.6 KB)

Set the weld option to true, then unify mesh normals before thickening.

Hi @Michael_Pryor

Sorry i don’t know how to unify mesh normals. Could you please show me how can i do that?

If you are using Rhino 6 + GH1 then use the unify normals component. If you are using Rhino 5 then get the unify mesh normals component from Mesh Edit.

Thanks Michael!

I used both still the same :frowning_face:

Can anyone please help me. Rhino file is attached above.

Please repair your initial meshes first. Bad meshes comes out because of your bad mesh input.
I’ve modified your input meshes a little bit but that doesn’t guarantee that your thickened meshes are good meshes… (9.5 KB)

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Thank you sir @HS_Kim for your help

How can i build good meshes from existing one?

It’s obvious that your desire for shape will make your mesh faces that meet at sharp angles and thereby give degenerate or overlapping faces when you give it a thickness.
Whether or not the quality of the mesh is ensured depends on your choice and love of your mesh shape.

@HS_Kim i tried your script as you said after offsetting meshes are not equally distance.

I tried all possible ways but fails :frowning_face: I tried rebuilding meshes, Welding them and etc.
If someone can help me how to join all meshes to one single and thicken it to solid.
CombineMeshes&Thicken.3dm (104.3 KB)
Thanks in Advance!

you seem a bit deseperate :frowning: You don’t understand many things and the problem is that I don’t know a good tutorial on meshes in Rhinoceros/Grasshopper. Whatever here a script that do par of the job. But could be better to use Rhinoceros. It could be good also you learn options on curve or surface offset. You will discover that there are multiples way of dealing ot the corners (round, …)
Weavebird is a bit limited and use sharp.

But it is not good as your mesh is not good.
weld (24.2 KB)

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Read input descriptions of inputs it will go a long way. Input T on wbThicken is default to 0 which is diagonal distance, which means the distance from original vert to offset one, meaning if you have an angle like you have then of course the offset of the solid wont be uniform. Consider it like vert normal direction offset. See here what it means:

What you want is much more complex as an algorithm and is typically referred to as shelling. I don’t know any great way that will always work in gh but you can check out free softwares like Mesh Lab which have nice shelling algorithms intended for 3d printing. These of course as @laurent_delrieu said require good meshes that are welded and don’t have non-manifolds.

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