Join mesh from and outside rhino


I am trying to join a sweep made in grasshopper based on the curve of a mesh from another program, The edge seems to match but I can’t seem to make it into one mesh. Which method should I use to make the dress and the shoulder cone into one mesh?

shoulder (154.3 KB)

Flatten the input to Join Mesh.

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Thank you! This works!

Hi, Just one more issue regarding this, after I have joined them the mesh seems to still have creases and not be perfectly joined, working both with triremesh and quadremesh, is there a way to improve the connection between the meshes and make it more smooth?

shoulder pads (157.1 KB)

I seem to have eliminated the naked edges but it required using a couple of plugins. One possible source of the problem was trying to create a surface between a polyline and a circle and then meshing the result. I used the Align Curves Seams component from Pufferfish and the Mesh Loft component from Mesh+.

shoulder pads (165.2 KB)

Thanks again! This is amazing!