Jigs and Plugs

After seeing @jeff_hammond Jeff’s fabrication sequence, which I find more interesting than finished renders (although the renders are fantastic) and the fact that I use Rhino as a work-horse and hardly ever render, here is a sequence for the external mouldings on a motorhome I worked on recently.

Modelled in Rhino, rendered on the shop floor… the poor man’s 5-axis.


Fantastic work and a great presentation, thank you for posting :+1:

Well done!
I like it so much!
Thanks for sharing.

very interesting.

Thanks for sharing. I’m just getting into the milling aspect of automotive panels and have been very discouraged by the cost of 5 axis CNC work. I am encouraged with what you have shown here and look forward to milling parts with my 3 axis CNC with a liitle more sweat equity!

Hi Basil, That makes it all worthwhile, especially when you own a 3-axis. Here is another example which turned out very well:

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Brian - Great Job! The surface quality on your molds are excellent - as witnessed by the parts!

Excellent work! It’s a joy to look at your workflow - thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

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