Cabinetry Cutfiles

In a continuation of the Jigs and Plugs thread, here is a fabrication sequence for some of the interior cabinets on the motorhome project.


Super work. Can you detail what render plug-in was used in the 5th image or is it the real thing?

I’ll need to sharpen up my rendering skills, that’s the real thing Joao…

Thank you for the clarification Brian. Again, tremendous work

Thanks Brian,
As you show Rhino is a wonderful tool for us to build with prior to getting after it in the real world … Or is Rhino the real world.
Thank you for posting these for all to see.

All my best … Danny

Nice work!

On one of your images you said:
“The nest master receives the remapped wires directly from the model”

How did you solved the curved wooden parts as you described?

Hi Thomas,

The set of parts shown are copied into the separate nest master file and remapped onto world top plane using scripts, which do a few other things like layer management, or the gumball, followed by project to plane does a good job when the parts are basically x,y like this.

As for the curved parts, this is the sort of thing.

Build a plug of the structure part from the original model, then extract the surfaces to be unrolled complete with part numbers and scribe geometry. Group and nest the result.

To accompany the cutfiles is an assembly jig which is modelled around the finished shapes of the structure model.

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