Jansen's linkage

How can I implement Jansen’s Linkage with Bongo?

Is it possible?

i think kangaroo could do that?

See the Strandbeest example, Kangaroo2:

Indeed, it’s one of the standard examples - it’s just length constraints and anchors.

strandbeest_simple.gh (12.0 KB)

It’s certainly also possible with Bongo now too though. I’m sure Luc or Joshua can give an example.

Thanks for the replies but I asked for Bongo.
Not fan of Kangaroo.

It sure is possible. There is a video and model of a walking (I called it crawling) linkage-mechanism in this topic:

Be warned: solving the Physics - which makes the mechanism actually walk - takes ‘a while’ (even up to 20 minutes). But when you are merely interested in the behavior of the linkage based legs solely Connections suffice and solving will be much faster.


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so Bongo2 is a no go?

It’s likely possible in Bongo 2 but it might be a bit of a brain teaser to put the IK together. With Bongo 3, assuming the linkages are the correct dimensions, it should be as simple as installing the spindle connections in the correct location and animating the rotor.

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is there a WIP of Bongo 3 help chm file?
I didn’t use Bongo 2 for years because it’s applicability is non-existent in many of my cases. And Bongo 3 is very much unknown. I’d like a crash course.

There is no help file for Bongo 3 since it is still a work in progress and things are changing. Seeing as how you primarily need spindles for this mechanism you may find this demo from @Luc useful.

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One more for the road…