Does Bongo run in V6 WIP?

Hi all,

We need to articulate some models with parent/child relationships. Is Bongo the only way to do this in Rhino? if so, does it work in V6 WIP?



No. All plug-ins will need to be built and compiled against the RDK tools for that specific version of Rhino.
The SDK was just recently “frozen” so development work on plug-ins is just beginning.

Thanks John,

any other way in Rhino you can think of to make a nested assembly rig? this is for for ergonomic dummies where if we move the knee, we want the lower leg to follow, if we move the heel, we want to foot, toes to follow, etc. The files currently have these assembly relationships, but only in Solidworks.



Grasshopper is the only thing I can think of.

Maybe someone else will have a better suggestion.
That’s just not anything I have any experience with.

Yeah after posting I also thought that might be the best option… Especially because it might even let us swap dummies. We have multiples for different human sizes. We’ll give it a go. Thanks!

Kangaroo would be the first thing I’d try. I know there are several examples which deal with rigid interactions.
While it might be more setup (since Kangaroo is a general tool instead of a specific system of bones, etc) there should be enough there to do what you describe.

does it work in V6 WIP?

We’re currently working on getting Bongo v6 ready, but it’ll still need some more fixing and testing before we hand it over to users.

Here a quick bongo camera Raytraced anim, directly from the Rhino WIP viewport

You teasing me Nathan? … that I can’t have it and you have it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I allow you to feel sad for a moment. When you’re done you can be happy that It Seems To Work. Obviously I found some bugs in Bongo, but they will be worked on.



Hi Luis, we tried that. It’s awesome, way better that traditional rigging, we can pose the mannequins sooo easily and intuitively :clap:



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Very glad to hear that.
Are you using the dummy definition I posted here?
It’s something I’d like to improve - at the moment I think it is a bit awkward because there is absolutely no hierarchy - eg. moving the elbow causes causes the wrist angle to change, unlike a conventional IK solver where downstream joints would stay the same.
I think I need to add some sort of weighting to the interactions, so you can choose somewhere between the two behaviours.

Hi @DanielPiker, we built our own rig it’s fascinating to watch how it moves when we drag it to pose it. We only wish performance was better. It brings our computers down. Want to see the file for reference/optimization?


Hi @gustojunk,
Yes - I’d like to take a look and see if the performance can be improved.