Linkage with Kangaroo: Test

Hi @DanielPiker

Linkage works pretty well, i recreate this and i am sure you can make it better

I use group points than assign a goal to each group, maybe this can be done by a single component.

linkage new (27.1 KB)


Hi @anon39580149

This can also be done with just Length and Anchor:


Great, thanks @DanielPiker
I will test more complex shapes

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If i use Grab in your simple example , how to prevent points from moving in the z axis?


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You can use AnchorXYZ to prevent movement of a point in some axes. So here you’d set X & Y false and Z true

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Thanks, i choose OnPlane because of plane input which more useful in the space.
I hope you add an option to limit point movement in all directions by distance ,if this is not already available