Jagged surface condition


So my file is showing this jagged condition after a split operation. I would go back and resplit this again however its been through a few saves and the original primitive of the object is not available anymore (it was a sphere, deformed by elongating using gumball tool). The second picture shows that the trimmed surfaces are fine, the surface itself however is the one causing the problem. How would I be able to fix this? Secondly, is there a way to reclaim the original primitive of an object after undergoing a series of processes? I’ve done tsconvert --> tsconverttorhinosrf but its awfully inaccurate. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

(Brian James) #2

That’s a render mesh error likely due to a small problem along the trim border. I would Explode the polysrf and then use Untrim on the edge of the surface in the polysrf adjacent to the jagged render mesh. You can keep the trimming curve via the option in the command line and then inspect it for small loops or overlaps that may be causing the problem. If it all looks good, you can trim again and if the problem persists, try RebuildEdges on this portion. This may fix the render mesh but move the edges slightly if they were out of tolerance.

Use Export on the polysrf to save it as a new 3dm and post it here if you need more help.

Also, that doesn’t look like a Tsplines surface to me from the screenshot but if it is this may be a problem specific to that plugin.