Jagged edges, advice needed

Hello McNeel Forums community!

I am facing issues with my model having jagged edges. I imported the models from .stp files. Anyone has any advice on how to fix it/rebuild or so that it do not appear during rendering?

PS: I am going to use SketchFab as a rendering software and it is showing the jagged edges too.

Thank you.


I’d look into this page first: http://www.hydraulicdesign.net/meshes.htm
And then here: http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/meshfaq


Hello Rodri!

Thank you for the information! However if I were to change the Render Mesh Properties> increase performance, it is just going to affect it on rhino right?

Though I found a possible solution is to increase the number of polygons while exporting. I am still testing it out.