Issues with viewcapture

Hi guys, I am having some serious issues with viewcapture on multiple machines.
When I use 2x scale on a large view on a complex scene I get 3 artifact types:

(This is a crop of the full view)
A- white edges where the tiles are meeting
B- missing blocks
C- dark horisontal lines

I also tried making a floating viewport that spans two monitors, but I got the same artefacts. Using a floating view on a UHD (not 4k) monitor works fine if scale is 1x, I guess that would be the case on a 4K monitor too.

Please put some muscle on fixing this as it’s a great way to quickly capture nice images of complex scenes where waiting for Cycles is too slow.

I’ve filed this before as in regards to high res pdf printing which I believe is the same thing as when a viewcapture is scaled. Your first issue of tiles may be related to the shadows in the display, try turning off the skylight to see if those areas change to confirm my hunch. I haven’t seen the missing areas before though, any chance you can share a sample file that does this for you?

RH-37143 is fixed in the latest WIP