ViewCaptureToFile at large scale shows tiling artifacts (FIXED)

I believe this has been an issue for some time, but it would be GREAT if it could be resolved in rh 6. ViewCaptureToFile with a scale larger than a certain amount (seems to be anything larger than display resolution) shows distinct tiling artifacts in the capture. This is especially noticeable in “Arctic” display mode:
at native viewport scale:

at 4x viewport scale:

I have seen others complain about this in pen mode w/ shadows as well as rendered mode. Seems also to be related to this issue w/ ShowZBuffer at high-scale capture: Bug: ViewCaptureToFile + ShowZBuffer

Yep, we’ve got it on the bug list


RH-37143 is fixed in the latest WIP

Nice! Thanks for making the AO work with higher resolutions - this makes the new shading quality very useful!

The problem still persists in ShowZBuffer (tiling) - we would be ‘all set’ for a great level of viewcaptures control if that was fixed, too, along with the user-defined min-max depth control, per our discussion with @jeff:

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I’m glad to hear the fix we made is working. Changes to ZBuffer aren’t slated to get finished for the initial release of 6.0:

Got it, thanks Brian. Somehow I thought the Skylight shadows tiling fix was depending on ZBuffer tilling fix. Clearly you found another way around!


Even in the latest wip, captures of the Arctic display mode still show tiling artifacts :confused:

see this capture at 5x:

Thanks @andheum I will be looking into this now.


@andheum This has now been fixed and will be available in next week’s WIP. Thanks!