Issues with Rhino 6

For Raytraced no CUDA support no. We have our Mac machines all on 10.14, and I wouldn’t be surprised some will be rolled to 10.15 whenever the time is there.

that was it when we tried to get CUDA working on the MBP with NVidia GPU.

@nathanletwory sorry if i keep bothering you, but i feel a bit left out here, is there anything i can do to get raytraced working at all? is it a bug or is my chip not working generally? i avoided spending too much money so i went with a later model, but when people say that the nvidia is not supported with mojave, do you think that AMD R9 M370X would work with raytraced? i found a model from 2015 which is not too expensive and might switch it.

Not sure what to say. I render on my MBP using the CPU only. It clearly isn’t fast by any means, but it should work. So you’re saying that even the simplest scene never starts rendering? I.e. just a torus or box?

Here a fairly large model polygoncount-wise

And this is what I am on


Make sure that in Preferences > Cycles your render device is the CPU.

The theory is that the AMD GPU you mentioned works - I think we have an MBP with AMD GPU at the office, and that one I know does work. But I’m not that fluent in Mac, so best to get some opinion from a user who does.

yup even a simple cube with nothing at all never starts rendering raytraced in the viewport and knocks Rhino out. i left it once for 30 minutes but it never recovers. so you say it should actually work? so switching computer to a radeon chip may not be necessary?

Did you already ensure your rendering device is set to CPU?

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hah… i feel embarrassed i promise i switched that on and tried both, but this time i quit rhino before trying cpu again… and what do you know… works now

thanks @nathanletwory


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hi @nathanletwory back for more adventures. i was so bold and purchased a computer with the announced radeon chip and while open cl is now functioning, i would say raytraced on cpu is much faster about 10 times faster. its actually pretty good, and also responds much better. is the card still too weak or did i miss something?

below my new configuration

The GPU isn’t particularly powerful, and GCN 1st at that. In theory GCN 2nd is the minimum. The i7 is more powerful than the GPU.

hi @nathanletwory thanks again, ic so that was a really dumb decision, i probably could´ve just stayed with the other laptop.

but here one more thing which seems very strange: the nvidia from the 2 years older computer performs far better with large mesh models than the radeon. smooth large meshes are one of rhino 6 greats plus but i dont feel that with the radeon at all… does rhino not utilize it correctly or is that card actually wors than the nvidia?

Hi @nathanletwory,

I would like to jump into this thread because I’m experiencing similar issues as @encephalon. So today I upgraded from Rhino 5 for Mac to Rhino 6 for Mac, and I can confirm that it does feels slower compare to the previous version.

I’m using Wacom Intuos which worked flawlessly with Rhino 5 for Mac, but now it often becomes unresponsive especially when I want to rotate my 3D objects. I need to slow down and retry again, which is quite annoying and affect my working speed quite significantly. I’m hoping you guys are working to optimize this?

Here is my machine spec, in case you need it.

Hi @jeff.sihombing,

With what modes are you experiencing these slowdowns?

have a look in this topic maybe you are also experiencing issues with mesh in shaded mode?

Hi @nathanletwory,

I’m not quite sure I understand your question. If by “what mode” you mean: wireframe, shaded, and rendered, then in my case in all those modes. But what really bothered me is the unresponsiveness of my Wacom stylus, as I have mentioned above. Right now I need to use a mouse, which to be honest, really slows down my speed and productivity levels.

This morning I reinstalled v5 again, and it still feels better than v6. I trust that you (the McNeel’s team) is addressing this and will release an update as soon as possible.

Hi @jeff.sihombing,

I don’t use a tablet and pen, so I’m a bit out of my depth here. I believe @BrianJ has one, he may know better.

Hi Jeff,

I use a Wacom Intuos Pro on my MBP from 2013. I haven’t found any slowdown myself in performance. Here’s the Wacom driver I’m using

If you still have issues, can you provide a file and the steps you take to see the slowdown in response? You can private message me here on the forum or email and note for Brian J.