Issues saving pdf


I am running Rhino Version 6 (6.35.21222.17002, 2021-08-10) on my macbook, and after i updated to ios Monterey i can´t save drawings as pdf.
How can i fix this bug?

Hej Fredrik -
We’ll need more information to find out what’s going on here.
On macOS, to create PDF files, the recommended workflow is to use the ExportAll or SaveAs command, not the Print command.

Hi Wim!

I have been using the print command and it has worked fine until the update to ios Monrteray, now it is extremly slow and shows “error while printing” and no pdf is created…
When i try export to pdf the line widths are way too thick regardless of settings.

Hi Fredrik -

I’m afraid we have no control over how the Print -> PDF process works on macOS - that’s entirely in the hands of Apple.

Could you post a simple file that shows that behavior?

Do you have the Adobe PDF printer driver installed? Removing this helped one user out with issues printing to PDF


I solved the problem with Print to pdf by changing the printer pre set (no I did not use the Adobe pdf printer).

The problem when i export to pdf sill remans though, the line width can´t be controlled with the settings.