Print Command / Bad printer

I have a question regarding the print command in Rhino. When I activate print display everything looks fine and the line widths are what they should be but if I type in print and then save it as a PDF the lines are thicker than they should be. I think it has something to to with my printer. When I tried an other printer (which is even older) it gets even worse. So I think the problem is the printer that I chose. I have a macOS (Version 12.2.1) Do you know how I can solve my problem. I read on an other page that one could download a print driver, but weirdly I wasn’t able to download it on my Mac?? And I don’t even know if it would help??
Please help me my deadlines are coming closer and I am loosing my shit.

Hi Irina -

We have no control over the Print command in Rhino on macOS.
The best I can advise is to use the ExportAll command to create a PDF file and then print that using an applicable app on macOS.