Issues renaming Hatches in Rhino 8

Hi There

Im having issues Renaming Hatches that i have imported from a PAT. any ideas?

Seems to be working here using the Rename button… What is happening on your end?

it wont let me even click on it

Can you post a file with the hatch pattern that shows this behavior?

hatch issue test.3dm (2.7 MB)

Hmm, yep that does seem odd. HBS2408S seems to be locked like the other “standard” hatches are. I can’t find a setting to unlock it via RhinoCommon, but I was able to rename it. However, even with the new name, it is still locked. Looks like a bug.

ah ok, how where you able to rename it? it just doesn’t show me an option to rename it, tried purging it to see if anything happens

I used a Python script. Finally I was also able to create a copy that was able to be modified by copying the pattern, deleting the original and renaming the copy with the original name. However it requires any objects using that hatch pattern to be deleted. I can probably add more code to fix that, but I think this is an odd bug, not something that will necessarily happen frequently.

Ah ok is there anyway to share the python script or showing how you did it please

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import scriptcontext as sc
import Rhino, copy


thanks so much!

Hi Alexander -

I wasn’t able to reproduce this with a downloaded .pat file here. Could you post the one that you used?

I think this is it (from post #5)

It’s in post #5 above…

I must have gone partially blind. I’m only seeing a 3dm file…

Try renaming the hatch pattern “HBS2408S” in that file.

I believed you when you said you weren’t able to do so. I’m simply trying to get a file in that state by importing a pat file…

I searched for that hatch pattern but didn’t find a free downloadable version yet.

I would just like to know what programmatical switch “locks” this entry. I was not able to find if this is exposed in RhinoCommon.

Edit - OK, found it
HBS2408S.pat (1016 Bytes)

However, no problem editing the name after import here.