Changes to RhinoDocument.HatchPatterns?

I’m seeing some odd behavior when I call RhinoDoc.HatchPatterns - sometimes it gives me the full list of available hatches, and sometimes it shows only “Solid” or the hatches that have currently been used in the document. Previously I used to be able to access the document HatchPatternTable and consistently see all available hatches - “Grid60” “Hatch1” etc - but this seems to be behaving differently now. Any thoughts as to why?

I haven’t heard of this before, but that doesn’t really mean much. I believe patterns are stored in 3dm files so you will get different results is you use different files or templates.

Hi Andrew,

Are you referring to what Andrew Kudless is noting here?
Do you have something we can try to reproduce?
You are probably already aware of this, but there are these contraints/gotchas with _Hatches, at least in the Rhino 5 SR9 implementation that I tested.


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

They exist in Rhino 5 SR6 too.

Yes, this is the same issue Andrew and I were discussing. I could swear that this behavior has changed - when I initially released Human the “hatch table” component (which relies on this method) seemed to work consistently regardless of whether hatches had been placed in the document. It also behaves differently sometimes - with the same SR / version, HatchPatterns shows 1 item on my work machine and a full list on my machine at home, starting from an empty rhino document.