My hatches disappeared!

Imported using pat file and options but i cant find any of the hatches i imported. Help lol ive a sub due tuesday and i rely heavily on hatches and am too tired to reinstall autocad

Hello - can you post one of the pat files? And please also run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results.


Just make sure they are stored in your (template) files. Hatches are saved by file, so if you imported hatches into one file, they will not be in every subsequent file you open. If you import them in one or more of your templates and then save the template file, then when you open a new file they will be there.

i imported them into one file, and after i closed the dialog, it didnt show up

Hi pascal, the file is here. (14.6 KB)

Hello - it seems to have worked OK here - DocumentProperties> Hatch > Import button, presumably that is how you imported?

Hatchpatt.3dm (325.8 KB)

yeah, i did that for that hatch and as well as the hatches yall provided, it doesn’t always show up immediately and i would have to double import always, is there something wrong with my rhino?

Hello - do you see the custom hatches in the file I posted?


amazingly, yes. how did it appear?

Hard to say.
Hatch patterns are stored within the 3dm file itself.
They have to be imported from another 3dm or from an acad.pat file.
At that point, they are in the saved 3dm file and will stay there unless Purged as Unused.