Hatch patterns

Hi everybody!

I tried to import patterns from http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/draftingpage for R5.
I downloaded and extracted the file. Then I changed the name to hatchpatterns.pat.
I tried to import it to rhino but it says "Unable to read: C:\Documents and Settings…hatchpatterns.pat.txt

How to get the .txt away from there? I’m not able to see .txt until I go to import…

Hi Henri,

I think you need to change a setting in your Windows to be able to change file extensions.
does this help:


Hi Willem!

Thank you very much Willem, it worked great!
Difficulties to use google with “File extension”, because sometimes I don’t know the search words even in my own language :wink:

Great to have people here who helps! :slight_smile:

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