Issue with viewcapturetofile Command on Rhino 8 for Mac

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing an issue with the viewcapturetofile command in Rhino 8. When I try to export a capture using a custom resolution in certain views (like front view), the resulting file is incomplete and appears to be cut off. Here are the details of my setup:

Rhino 8, 8.7.24138.15432
macOS 14.5 (MacBook Pro 16-inch, 2023 M2 Max)

I’ve attached screenshots of the various steps I take to execute the command, as well as the resulting file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks in advance!

Hi Giulio,

Thanks for all the info.

Following your directions I was not able to repeat in 8.8.24138.01002, which is available as a Service Release Candidate in your General Settings.