Issue with twisted boxes when tiling an irregularly shaped planar surf

New to GH - I am having difficulties figuring out how to make “boxes” that do not overlap for the morphing so that I can have the aimed result: no overlap of the geometry and all the geometries in-plane and not in and out of the plane as now.
Any help is greatly appreciated to fix this or suggest a better way - thanks

Rhino 6 file
Surfacetotile.3dm (55.9 KB) (5.9 KB)


Twisted boxes are boxes (4 edges in 2d) they will not work with those voronoi cells.

Thanks and apologies, I was referring to a container to feed into the morphing so that it does not do what is doing now with the boxes. Is there a way to do this with the Voronoi and the morph components or shall I just start over? if so with what? my other attempt resulted in uniform size geometry repeated over an area extending beyond the actual surface boundary. thanks

You will need to look into the concept of Barycentric Mapping and in this case you will need a different cell type for each number of side voronoi you have. It won’t be so straightforward as box morphing.

Ok thanks for the pointer - will look into that