Box morph a field of interlocking tiles error

Box morph of tiles (379.4 KB) I created a field of 18 breps (3D tiles) in GH (see the baked and moved grey example in Rhino); then I morphed the union box of that field into an arch (the central lines even have the same length); then I tried to morph the field from its union box into the target morphed box, but it doesnt work. See second picture for the result it gives. It stretches the content linearly to the bounding box of the target morphed box. Lists seem to be ok? Attached GH section with internalized geometry and box morph disabled. Any advice super appreciated!

I understand now that the target box must be a twisted box. How do I use surface box (with 1 box doesn’t work?), blend box or twisted box to create the desired arched box shape? Thank you!

hi, I think the flow component already does what you are looking for

but I crashed Rhino several times trying to work with the geometries you had internalized :slight_smile:
here is a fast example with random simplified geometries

Box morph of tiles (136.2 KB)

Thank you so much - that is really kind and helpfull!