Issue with printing thin line weights

Total beginner here! Rn trying to use Rhino for 2D drawings for a school project in architecture. We got a templete and a .ctb for AutoCad, so I copied the properties and made my own Rhino template. The cheeky thing is when it comes to the thinner line weight! Somehow Rhino prints the thinner line of the two as the thicker and reversed for the other! This was not an issue for any other lineweight, everything was fine except for these. The obvious solution is to just switch the properties for the two, but it would be nice to know the real problem behind it all! Attaching sample files! Purged the layers as much as possible
Thanks in advance
issue.3dm (129.7 KB)
!issue.pdf (900 Bytes)

its not clear which curve should be thicker and which one thinner i can see that the layer names may indicate the line weight but i dont know for sure. just be aware that the layer names must not necessarily represent the correct line weight, so maybe there was an error in the naming the layers in the template.

anyway both lines the turquoise and the grey line have no value in rhino for mac, probably something inherited from autocad, or they are way to thin for the space you are working in. exporting to illustrator and comparing with your pdf both show that the upper line is ticker. if you are seeing the turquoise as thicker also believing it should be printed as such because the layer name indicates this then this may be the misconception because it only seems ticker due to its stronger light emission even though its actually thinner.

solution would be just to rename the layers or build them up from scratch, it will take you 1 minute to do so and you can be sure they are correct then and which will also spare you the strange and probably sloppy imports.