Issue with PanellingTools for Grasshopper


I try to use PT in Grasshopper-Pt surface domain number- is giving an error.

(Dan Belcher) #2

Thanks for reporting this. This is an error on our end. @rajaa is working on a fix right now.

(Rajaa Issa) #3

Thanks for letting us know.

I could run it fine at first,

but not when updated to the latest Mac WIP

I will have to recompile PT-GH, I think because PT-Rhino was updated with the new SR, but not the PT-GH.

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Hi Dan,

Any news about recompiling panellingtools for mac.


(Dan Belcher) #5

Hi Martin!

Sorry for the delay. I had been working on this last week and I am stumped. I’ve enlisted help from others and they are stumped as well. Unfortunately, I’m reduced to caveman debugging this issue this week. I hope to have it fixed soon…long story short: I thought it was a quick fix, but it’s turned into a puzzle.

This is the YouTrack issue number: PT-141, should you want to follow along :wink: Otherwise, I’ll post back here when I fix it and I hope to get it in the next RhinoWIP.


(Rajaa Issa) #6

PT-GH for the Mac works now. Just updated the files and instruction…
Let me know if you see any problems

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