Panelling in Mac Rhino

Trying to get up to speed on panelling but I can’t seem to find the command ptOffsetGridbyHeightfield in Rhino for Mac. Also, are there any plans to put a menu in for panelling in Rhino for Mac?


See with instructions for loading PT depending on your version of Rhino. It sounds like it isn’t loaded.

Thanks Brian, I see that it says all the panelling tools are already installed on Rhino 6 for Mac so I thought I would see it when I typed it into the command line. I also see that "ptOffsetpoints isn’t there and I saw on this forum that Rajaa said that command isn’t in Rhino for Mac so I was wondering if the ptOffsetGridbyheightfield didn’t make it either.
I downloaded the files files on food4Rhino into the Grasshopperp “Special folders” -“Components Folder” and so I see a bunch of panelling commands in Grasshopper - just not this heightfield one.

@johnsiglehart you are right, this particular command was added to the newer PT6 for Windows but not the Mac, however PT is exactly the same in the Rhino 7 Beta, with additional functionality.

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