Issue with one user in domain joined account

We have one user in our domain joined account that is not getting properly passed through to the SSO provider (Okta). He is prompted for a password to login.
If we try to “create a new account” with the same work address, it says “You already have an account. Sign in with your Okta account”. Trying to proceed prompts for his password.

Verified that he’s assigned the app in Okta.

Any pointers on where to check next? Not sure if this is the appropriate place to inquire for support on the Cloud Zoo.

This looks like one for you.

@JNICKELL It is likely that user already had a Rhino account before the domain was linked and the login policy enforced. Once they login they will be forced to either join the domain or relinquish their email address. For details please see

@aj1, @John_Brock Thanks. that turned out to be it. I was didn’t remember that the choice came after the account logged in successfully.
Thanks for the quick answer.

You’re welcome! I’m glad it’s sorted out now.