Updated Documentation for Cloud Zoo using Okta SAML2?


New Rhino3d admin for a university. We are trying to setup Cloud Zoo and linking it to our SSO Okta. One of our identity admin was wondering is there a more detailed documentation than this “Link to Domain”, as our Okta does not have Single-Page App available or it is not supported in best practices in our environment. Is there a more detailed documentation for okta with SAML2 or okta openID Connect?

This would be a question for @aj1

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Hi @SammySpartan,

The instructions here list the instructions to link a domain to Okta.

Under the hood, the Single Page App in Okta is using OpenID Connect.

In fact, that’s all we support. I suppose that if you’re very knowledgeable in the OIDC protocol you could replicate the Single Page App settings in some other way. I’m happy to guide you if you want to go this route, but from a “best practices” point of view you’re going to end up with the exact settings used by Okta’s Single Page App template.