Issue with obj import

I have bought a scene in obj format from a 3d model website.
Rhino 6 doesn’t load the scene while rhino 5 load everything without problems.

Is that a rhino bug which is already well-known?


Not that I’ve experienced or recall hearing from users. What was the specific issue? Was it geometry or textures that weren’t present in v6 as compared to v5? If you can send a small sample that shows the issue I can take a look too. Another thing to check is what the active renderer is in v6 vs. v5… that may be involved if it’s a material issue.

Hi Brian,
today I did a bit of testing. In the folder i have 2 file: the scene (in obj file) and the material (.mtl).
Probably the issue dipend on the material. If the file (obj) is in the same hard disk of the material rhino doesn’t open the file. If I copy the file (obj) in another disk (or pendrive) rhino open the file.

I can’t post the file here because I bought it but if you send me your mail I can send you a wetransfer of the files.


Thanks, I just private messaged you…