Issue with my file when I open it (a lot of objects are just missing)

(Loic Siat) #1

Hi !

I just opened a file today, with no issues yesterday, and a message came : something like “a surface is not correctly defined, do you want to open this file without this object ?” or something like that… I said NO, but I were send back to menu… I tried several times, and finally, I choose YES.

And then, surprise… My file was file was almost empty. A lot of my layer were just empty. Even old objects, created a long time ago, were missing… There were dozens of working hours here… What can I do to get back my work from the point before this crash ?

Here is my file now : Yole de l’Ehn.3dm (19.0 MB)

And here is my file fews days ago :

Please, save my life !

(Dan Belcher) #2

Can you use File > Revert To > Browse All Versions to get back to your file from a few days ago? (This is the Autosave/Versions route).

Another alternative - if you are using TimeMachine - is to retrieve an earlier version of that file that includes the missing objects.

Hopefully, you can get back to the state before the problematic portions of the model were removed using the macOS Autosaved versions. Once you get to that state, please attach the model that causes the “surface is not defined correctly” dialog to appear and post that here.

(Loic Siat) #3

Nope, there’s no older versions in the autosave files. Only the one from today…

TimeMachine was not active on my school Mac. Very smart…

I will try with macOS Autosaved, but i’m septical. Any other ideas ?
The message does not appears anymore, even when I’m re-launching the opening after not save the file. But it does with another computer. I’ll try with the last one…

(Dan Belcher) #4

Well, if you can send us a file that shows this warning, please do. It would be good to see what is causing this to happen.

I’m surprised that there is no autosaved previous version. I don’t understand how that could be the case unless the Autosave feature is disabled for Rhino for Mac (not commonly done for good reason).

(Loic Siat) #5

Okay, so… I didn’t managed to make the warning appears again. The autosave is working on the “new” corrupt file. I have access on autosaves from yesterday. What I wasn’t able to do yesterday. Yesterday I had no autosaves, and my file creation date was at 00h00. And I didn’t create this file at this date…

So I don’t understand. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the last saving, or if it appears at the opening…

For the macOS autosaved, it’s not possible, because the file I’m working on is saved on a server. It doesn’t any “connection” with my MAC…
I’m trying to get a saving from a server’s autosave, by the way of our server’s operator…