Save or autosave is deleting nearly everything

Me and others at my company are experiencing an issue where a recently saved file has nothing or almost nothing in it when it is re-opened (layers, objects, etc). At times the remaining content is from a previous Make2D command, other times there is literally nothing.

We are saving files to DropBox. I’m not sure if that’s causing this but I’m having a hard time re-producing the issue so far.

Has anyone else experience this?

I have been hearing about odd problems with DropBox monitored folders when used as Rhino’s working folder.

As a test, try using your files locally instead, then copy them to Dropbox using the Windows file Explorer after you close out of Rhino.

Does that work reliably?

We’ll try that and report our findings.

Yes, see: Big problems, empty files and crashes - #9 by Philip


I’ve been seeing these comments (and crashes) coming in and I want to devote some time to Dropbox soon. It really helps to know that Dropbox is involved, I must say. If you switch to using a standard non-Dropbox path, does the RhinoWIP behave normally? (Ah, now I see @John_Brock asked the same question. Yeah, what he said).

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But it does sounds like @Philip is seeing something similar and is NOT using Dropbox

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Just to clarify… I do use dropbox (occasionally), but I never save directly to dropbox - always to my (SSD)hard drive.


The empty saved files thing happened to me as well a couple of times.
it kept the thumbnail pic of the model and the last [I think] active layer, but empty of content.

I do not use dropbox, [saving only to the internal disc].

thanks a lot