Heads up re issues with latest Nvidia GeForce driver, 461.09

There is a suggestion on TechRadar that the latest Nvidia GeForce driver is proving problematic. Given the constant urging to update Rhino to the latest video drivers, you may want to check out the Nvidia user feedback at https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/425911/geforce-46109-game-ready-driver-feedback-thread-re/ before installing 461.09…

which is unfortunate considering the security bulletin.

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The 416.09 that I installed for my new RTX A6000 has been working fine most of the time. I’ve had twice a “Server Busy” case. I was thinking error on my side, but I haven’t made changes to any threading part of the code in over a month.

This makes me wonder if the two lockups of Rhino with Raytraced is down to this driver problem.

The few games I have briefly tried have been silky smooth on full settings.

Ooo… how is 10k cores and Rhino doing?
I need to get Holomark3 completed asap! :star_struck:

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How about dropping back to 456/457 for a while? - they’re not within the scope of the security bulletin issues.

I was specifically told to use the 461.09 driver.