Issue with gumball (orient to object)

I consider this a major flaw

The orientation of the gumball should match the angle to which the object’s largest face is oriented


The Gumball Paradox!

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I second that. Keep the origin location of the Gumball in the approximate middle between all the surfaces that form the solid, but use the largest flat face of the model as a reference for the orientation of the Gumball.

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and/or… selecting a (any) surface to orient the gumball, longest edge(s) being the most influential for directions.

// Rolf

For now, here is something that might help - select your object then

CPlane Object Pause GumballAlignment CPlane SelPrev CPlane Undo


I’m not good at Macros but I couldn’t get this to work smoothly (or smoother) until I modified the macro with an early _SelPrev, although this requires CTRL-SHIFT Select (sub object select?) a surface, then activate the macro and then select the same surface again, otherwise the selected surface “sticks” and I can’t select a new one.

The updated macro (addition marked with *):

'_CPlane _SelPrev* _Object _Pause _GumballAlignment _CPlane _SelPrev _CPlane _Undo

Is there a better way to achieve the gumball orientation with fewer clicks?

// Rolf

I also reported this flaw recently. Including a macro I was using to get by in the meantime. I’ll try to find it…