Gumball Inquiry - How to realign gumball to object (as a default)

Hi, I’m still new to Rhino modeling, coming from CAD and Skethup/3Ds Max- Have a question on gumball… how can I keep it to “always align” with my object? Screenshot example below.
Here’s an example, now I don’t know why it suddenly got that position. So I have to repeat the process and redraw this profile in right window elevation, and after that it is aligned to the object. I am hoping there’s one command to just say permanently align to that object /profile. Thanks!

PS. This happens when 2 vertices are select

Screenshot 2023-05-03 112312

GumballReset will reset the Gumball back to the default location/orientation.

Note also if you right click in the Gumball pane, you have the option to set it to locate to World, CPlane or Object orientation by default. Once you move/rotate it (on a single object) the new orientation should be remembered.