Copy to Clipboard not always working

I’m running into a relatively simple problem:

After selecting curves trough selCurves, i can not longer copy to clipboard.

I am able to duplicate the problem with a blank file:

-draw a line
-Run SelCurves

The “Command - C” shortcut doesn’t work after that.
In the Edit menu, the “Copy” line is grayed out.

I’m running the latest version of Rhino (5A701) and don’t remember having encountered this problem before.

Is it a bug or i’m doing something fundamentally wrong?


Not sure if this is the same, but sometimes I will try to copy (command+c), but i have clicked on the layers or my other monitor and the main rhino views are not active so the copy doesn’t take.

Could it be something like that?

In first image I clicked on layers panel in-between selecting the object and doing the Copy.

This next image I just command+C and then hit Edit menu.


Looks and feels like a bug. We’ll get it fixed. Logged in MR-1466.