[Issue report] GHPY Does not load on mac grasshopper

Hi, Mcneel
I try to install .ghpy plugin to mac grasshopper. I copied the files to “libraries” folder, and then reopened rhino and grasshopper. But a window popup report that grasshopper failed to load ghpy. Other ghpy plugins also show the same error (please see the error message in the image uploaded).

Mac Version 6 (6.20.19323.01022, 2019-11-19)

Thank you very much.

I also get this problem that GHPY files do not load. In my case they are also linked to a .dll file. Will this not work at all on a Mac?

Rhino - Version 6 (6.30.20288.16412, 2020-10-14)

Hi @D.Ronald,

Unfortunately, not no! GHPY files are Grasshopper UserObjects written in Python but compiled on Windows for Windows (mainly to hide the code).