Culebra2.0 Library Plugin for Grasshopper Mac

I was wondering if someone succeeded in using the Culebra2.0 plugin made by @luisquinones on macOS ?

The plugin is amazingly made, very powerful, and comes handy for people in my situation who are exploring Agent behavior for their research… however it comes under an .EXE installer that put all the DLL files and GH components in Rhino libraries.

I read somewhere on this forum that developers are now asked to provide a cross platform working plugin… However, what if the developer has no time or is not going to publish any update any time soon?

Is there anyway for general users(with or without computer sciences background) to try make it work on Mac ? i think DLL even though made on .NET, it is not working on the OS. is there a way to convert the files/extension to make the plugin work on grasshopperMac ?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @gari.kun

Looks like @fraguada tested out Culebra a couple years ago (so this information might be out-of-date).

In general, you need to get the .dll assemblies in the correct spot for Grasshopper to detect them. So you need to install the plugin on Windows and find the .dlls that it installs. Then, you would need to copy them to the proper location on your Mac so that Grasshopper attempts to load them.

This location is:
~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/6.0/Plug-ins/Grasshopper ([big-long-guid])/Libraries

This can take some trial-and-error.

Hi @dan,
Thank you very much for your swift answer !
I didn’t know Mac is able to read the DLL and therefore RhinoMac able to load them.
I will let you know how it goes for me by next week once i get my Mac, hope i won’t have to bootcamp this one :slight_smile:


Hi @dan,
As promised I m getting back to you for some feedback about Culebra2.0 by @luisquinones !

I tried it on the following : MBPro i9 2.9Ghz, 32 Ram, AMD 560X 4Go, OS10.14 Mojave.

For both Rhino 5.5.2 Mac and Rhino6 WIP, the library was loaded with no problem, all components loaded…However…

on Rhino 5.5.2 : When opening example files offered by Luis, it is very very slow but the Culebra engine runs many cycles and we can see agents motion. Don’t know if this is related to Culebra Itself, or is it me who didn’t setup well my Rhino to take profit from my hardware ? If it is the case, please tell me how I can optimize it, I couldn’t find the Cycle options like on windows where we could decide which GPU to run and how much RAM to give to Rhino…

On Rhino6WIP : when running the engine of Culebra, I receive the following error from the Grasshopper Timer, and the engine runs only 1 Cycle… meaning the Agents don’t move, and therefore no motion/animation and only 1 structure is generated… please see the following images :slight_smile: Is this a Bug related to the Timer on Grasshopper 1.0 built in Rhino6WIP ? or is it related to Culebra2.0, I have no idea…

Looking forward to hearing from you !

Dear All, a quick update on the topic.
With the latest release of Rhino 6 MAC WIP, I can confirm that now Culebra 2.0 developed by @luisquinones is now compatible and fully working with all its components !!!


Hi Ghali,

Could you tell more about how did you make the Culebra 2 working on the rhino 6 for mac? I installed the plugin and opened a demo file. However, although the engine is cycling, it has empty output. Did you face a similar problem when you first install this? If so, could you tell me how did you solve it? Thank in advance.


oops nevermind I figured it out! Changing the visual setting to the geometry mode works.