[BUG] GHPY files crash Rhino/Grasshopper on macOS?


GHPY files don’t seem to be a supported add-on format for mac users!?
I’ve encountered the filetype a few times with different Grasshopper plugins (MeshSync, Chimpanzee, etc.) over the last few months.
When these files are put inside the Grasshopper Components Folder, the application mostly crashes on restart.

Is this a bug? What exactly are these filetypes? What’s the difference between a UserObject written in IronPython and a GHPY file?

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GHPY files are GhPython Components compiled into an assembly. See this thread for more info.

Can’t say if this is a bug or if GHPY is not intended to be used on mac. Maybe @piac can help here :slight_smile:

Seems to be a Windows exclusive! Thanks for the link.

I’ve noted the request here: RH-50715.


Recently bumped into this limitation. I understand that compiling might only be available from Windows, but it’s not clear to me why a ghpy already compiled on Windows cannot work on Mac.

Compiling is usually platform-specific. If you want to make a Mac application, you need to compile it specifically for macOS. When compiling on Windows, the application is exclusive to that platform. I guess it’s as simple as that.

Well, not in the case of .NET. At least in general terms, IL code (.net compilation result) is portable (despite a lot of nuances in targeting and what not). But in this particular case, where the source code that is being compiled is Python, and the IronPython interpreter runs both on mac and windows, I’m missing the link that makes this unavailable on mac. My random guess was that it is related to the (perhaps lack of?) DLR on mac’s version of dotnet?

same issue too. GHPY cannot work on my Mac.

Hey there, sir!
Any hope that ghpy for mac will be appearing in R8?