No longer seeing GHpython interpreter, using Rhino 6 MAC

Hi this is my first post, my issue is after I type in grasshopper in the rhino command box, apart from the gh loading window, there’s another window pop up saying there’s an error loading python and it’s been shut down, then offering me 2 options, to either try to open again or never try again, unfortunately, I choose never again, therefore, I 'm no longer seeing the GHpython interpreter in the interface now, is anyone knows how to solve this issue by any chance please? Thanks in advanced.

You probably have an extra GhPython.gha file that you manually installed for V5 (presumably).
Just find that one and delete it or change the extension of the file. Moving the file might not be enough.

Let me know how it goes,



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Hi Giulio, thanks for the reply, I checked all the mcneel folder, as well as GH special folder, I think I don’t have another GHPython.gha installed for V5, any advice?

OK; I didn’t mean only in the McNeel folder. Every folder on your computer can potentially load .ghas. With the _GrasshopperDeveloperSettings command you can see the list.

In any case, I think @curtisw can still tell how to undo the “Never again” choice. If you reach that point, could you please post a screenshot of the error that is shown?

Hi Giulio, I eventually reinstalled it, now it’s all good, thanks for your help again.

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Thanks, @stac-architecture, sorry for the slow response. Great that it was fixed, though!