Inconsistency in Analysis Labels

Firstly, thank you for your plugin. It’s very well documented and quite intuitively designed. I really appreciate your efforts. However, I ran into a confusing labeling issue and I am assuming there is an overlooked bug here.

To the left of the screenshot you can see I have three objectives for my optimization. They are labeled as max shadow, total shadow and volume. And the values corresponding to them are shown with panels. However when I come to the wallacei window, I have different types of values corresponding to these titles, and I am not sure why this shift happens. This is why I assume it’s a bug. Could you please clarify which one you would recommend I take as the real value. Meaning should i pay attention to the titles or the values. This creates problem when I try to pick the best option for me.


Your fitness objectives are in different tree paths. Make sure you flatten your objectives (the number parameters) before inputting them into Wallacei X. Once you do this, re run the simulation and it will work ok.

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