One of the multiple objectives is not optimized

I set up three parameter scenarios for the same project, each changing from the previous one, one of them gives seemingly normal analysis results (but it’s scheme is not I need), and the other have different errors:

  1. Fitness Values shows that the result of FO1 is a straight line (Fig.1). And, if I set a very small number of generations and populations, for example [gen.3 indv.3], the Standard Deviation of FO1 is null (Fig.2).
  2. Standard Deviation shows that the optimization of FO3 is a vertical line (Fig.3).

What could be the cause of the above problem? I know which areas of the settings are causing the problem by comparing with the scenarios that have normal results, but just running in Grasshopper, they work fine, which is very distressing to me.


Figure 1 and Figure 2 show that the objective 1 does not change for some reason. you need to investigate why this is the case. Figure 3 objective 3 shows rapid convergence but I think this is again some errors and issues in your objective calculations. You need to do a thorough investigation on how you did the calculations.

Apologies for the delayed response. I’ve been troubleshooting issues with my wallacei program. After replacing the .epw file and tweaking various parameters (particularly around the envelope settings), I finally got it working. Although this resolved the issue, I have to admit I still don’t grasp the underlying theory. This experience has revealed some gaps in my knowledge that I need to address.
Thanks again for your patience and support!