Issue exporting text from Rhino to Autocad (a differente one)

While exporting construction drawings to DWG/DXF for the client I noticed that the texts with accent (Portuguese in this case) are not coming out as expected. Furthermore there seems to be an issue with spaces in between some works when characters like “&” are used.
Also while opening in Autocad I get this error:

Now if I export the same file from Rhino Windows everything works fine and all letters and fonts and spaces are 100% ok.

I’ve experienced something somewhat similar that may help shed some light on the problem.

When I have a text item and I try to use quotes to signify feet and inches, ’ and " respectively. What I discovered is that the mac, by default sets those to be “smart quotes.” That means you get curly quotes instead of the straight quotes that are used to signify inches and feet. This doesn’t seem like a problem until you export that text from Rhino. The system doesn’t quite recognize what those mean, so you end up with random characters in the exported file that are a stand in for those curly quotes. Now, if I copy a straight quote and paste it, it exports just fine.

What I’m guessing is that you are experiencing a similar element of the glitch. Your accents are “curly” on the mac, or an equivalent, and the Rhino export isn’t understanding it correctly. One thing to try would be looking for a simplified character with the accent you need and copying and pasting that in instead of typing it directly. The other thing you can do on the mac is go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Text > Deselect “Use smart quotes and dashes.” That also fixes the functionality.

Thanks for the info.
Unfortunately the issue persists:

I don’t have a good way to test this, but I made a test file for you to check out. I’m wondering if it has the same issues.
TextTest.dwg (14.9 KB)
TextTest.3dm (2.5 MB)

So here is the result from the Rhino Mac to DWG and RhinoWIP (5E374w) to DWG

And here is your file exported from Rhino Windows to DWG:

HI Fabiano,

Can you please send me the model that you’re having issues with running the V5 Mac WIP? Use if it’s not for public consumption.


You can use the file provided by @RistPhoto on the comment above.

The reason I asked is, as far as I can tell, that file works fine out of the 5.4 WIP and there won’t any changes to the 5.3 that is the current release.

Maybe I’m confused with this whole thread. Is there actually a problem with the dwg export, concerning fancy characters, in Mac 5.4 WIP?

Yes, there are errors exporting text to DWG in Rhino Mac that do not occur in Rhino for Windows.
I tested it in Rhino WIP as well with the same result.

OK I’m not seeing the issues in the WIP. When I export TestText.3dm from the Mac 5.4 WIP and then reopen the dwg output in the same Mac 5.4 WIP I see the same thing that I see in Rhino Windows and it looks like the .3dm file I used to create it. That is not the case with Mac 5.3, nor is it the case for the Windows 6 WIP. I logged a bug for the latter.

My issue was when I exported the DWG and opening it in Autocad.